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Mobile Home Solar Power Options in South Carolina

Many mobile homeowners want to know if they can power their mobile homes with solar power. Not only can you power your mobile home with solar panels, but it’s the future of power supply for mobile homes. Installing solar panels on your home can revolutionize your way of living. Switching to solar power is the … Continued
Mobile Home Trends

2024 Mobile Home Trends In South Carolina 

Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular, especially in South Carolina. Their affordability and minimal maintenance make them an appealing choice for new homeowners. The mobile home market is constantly evolving and becoming almost as good as a traditional home, and in some aspects, even better. Understanding and predicting the mobile home trends of 2024 will … Continued

Mobile Home Electrical Upgrades and Safety In South Carolina

When it comes to assuring the safety of your mobile home, the one thing that gets overlooked the most is the electrical system. This is especially crucial for older mobile homes with outdated components and wirings that pose serious threats. Adding upgrades to your mobile home’s electrical system prevents potential hazards like electrocution or electrical … Continued
Myths About Mobile Homes

Common Myths and Misconceptions About Mobile Home Living

Mobile homes have been around for years, and their quality has improved drastically. Mobile homes offer an incredibly affordable alternative to traditional homes. Their affordability and ease of installation have made them incredibly popular among young homeowners. Although affordable, they rival the value and comfort of traditional homes. However, mobile homes seem to be surrounded … Continued
Older Mobile Homes May Be Harder To Insure, But Policies May Be Available

What Is the Oldest Mobile Home That Can Get Insurance?

While there’s no law dictating that a mobile home built before a certain year can’t get insured. But if the home was built before 1976 your options of insuring will be a bit different than a modern manufactured home (manufactured homes built after 1976).  Securing insurance for old mobile homes is a bit more challenging … Continued
While Mobile Homes Generally Have Less Value, There Are Ways To Increase The Value

What Is The Downside To Buying A Manufactured Home In South Carolina?

In recent years, manufactured homes have become popular, especially among young, new homeowners and senior citizens looking for a cheap and quiet life. South Carolina is said to be one of the original destinations of mobile homes. Statistics show that every 1 out of 5 families in South Carolina live in a mobile home. Over … Continued
Finding Out If A Mobile Home Is Real Property Depends On Several Factors

What Does Real Property (RP) Mean On A Mobile Home In South Carolina?

According to a statistic from the U.S. census in 1990, in all 19 states, every one of the houses is a mobile home. South Carolina is a popular state for mobile homeowners for its beautiful weather and great community and benefits. Mobile homes have become an incredibly popular option for new homeowners looking for affordable … Continued
Mobile Home Appreciation

Do Mobile Homes Ever Appreciate In Value In South Carolina?

Mobile homes are becoming more popular every day in South Carolina thanks to their affordability and flexibility. The most common question among homeowners is whether mobile homes appreciate in value. There’s a common misconception that mobile homes only depreciate in value after they are sold. But that’s only sometimes the case. According to FHFA, mobile … Continued
Handshake Deal

How To Negotiate A Deal On A Mobile Home In South Carolina

Mobile homes have become an extremely appealing alternative to traditional homes, especially for younger clients. With it’s affordability and convenience over conventional homes, it’s no wonder many people want to own a mobile home. If you’re considering buying a mobile home in South Carolina, there are several things you need to consider. Finance is the … Continued
Mobile Home Value

What Adds The Most Value To A Mobile Home In South Carolina?

Unlike traditional homes, mobile homes depreciate over time. Because of that, a lot of homeowners decide to add value to their mobile homes by upgrading various components of the house. Upgrading your mobile home enhances your living space and quality of life while increasing the value of your mobile home. But just upgrading random components … Continued
Mobile Home Questions

What Are Good Questions To Ask When Buying A Mobile Home In South Carolina?

Buying a mobile home can be quite a daunting process. Like any real estate investment, purchasing a mobile home also needs a lot of thought and careful consideration. You shouldn’t dive head first without considering crucial factors. Take your time and consider all the essential factors before buying a mobile home. Before pouring your hard-earned … Continued
Mobile Home Insurance

Do I Need Insurance For My Mobile Home In South Carolina?

With more than 355,000 occupied mobile homes, South Carolina makes up for more than 20% of the state’s housing units. They also comprise more per capita mobile homes than other states. It’s always a great idea to get insurance to protect your investment. Mobile homes are no exception. Insurance covers your mobile home, personal property … Continued