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Older Mobile Homes May Be Harder To Insure, But Policies May Be Available

What Is the Oldest Mobile Home That Can Get Insurance?

While there’s no law dictating that a mobile home built before a certain year can’t get insured. But if the home was built before 1976 your options of insuring will be a bit different than a modern manufactured home (manufactured homes built after 1976).  Securing insurance for old mobile homes is a bit more challenging … Continued
Finding Out If A Mobile Home Is Real Property Depends On Several Factors

What Does Real Property (RP) Mean On A Mobile Home In South Carolina?

According to a statistic from the U.S. census in 1990, in all 19 states, every one of the houses is a mobile home. South Carolina is a popular state for mobile homeowners for its beautiful weather and great community and benefits. Mobile homes have become an incredibly popular option for new homeowners looking for affordable … Continued
Mobile Home Questions

What Are Good Questions To Ask When Buying A Mobile Home In South Carolina?

Buying a mobile home can be quite a daunting process. Like any real estate investment, purchasing a mobile home also needs a lot of thought and careful consideration. You shouldn’t dive head first without considering crucial factors. Take your time and consider all the essential factors before buying a mobile home. Before pouring your hard-earned … Continued
Mobile Home Insurance

Do I Need Insurance For My Mobile Home In South Carolina?

With more than 355,000 occupied mobile homes, South Carolina makes up for more than 20% of the state’s housing units. They also comprise more per capita mobile homes than other states. It’s always a great idea to get insurance to protect your investment. Mobile homes are no exception. Insurance covers your mobile home, personal property … Continued
Mobile Home Foundation

Does South Carolina Require Foundation For Mobile Homes?

Mobile homes gained significant popularity in recent years, thanks to their affordability and convenience. For a lot of people, it can be a better alternative to traditional homes. But before jumping on the mobile home bandwagon, you need to know about the requirements of building a mobile home. Like any structure, a strong foundation is … Continued

South Carolina Mobile Home Laws And Regulation

South Carolina has over 5 million people, with about 100,000 living in mobile homes. Their popularity can be explained as they are inexpensive, easy to transport and offer residents a sense of freedom.  Yet, several rules and regulations regulate mobile homes in South Carolina, and it is critical for anyone who owns or is considering … Continued
Mobile Home Land

Preparing Your Land For A Mobile Home In South Carolina

Preparing your land for a mobile home in South Carolina can seem daunting. But with careful planning and attention to detail, it can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience. Here are some steps to consider as you prepare your land for a mobile home. Choose The Right Location Before you begin any preparations, finalizing the … Continued

Can a Realtor Sell A Mobile Home in South Carolina?

Being a realtor can be tough as you don’t have specialized skills, and you’re just viewed as another sales agent. While many realtors solely focus on the wealthy and affluent market, some have found their place in the mobile home market. So, if you were wondering, can a realtor sell a mobile home? The answer … Continued

How to Get a Permit to Move a Mobile Home in South Carolina

Living in a mobile home offers several advantages, including lower purchase and maintenance expenses and environmental friendliness. Convenience is yet another important factor driving people to choose a mobile home. Frequently, mobile homes can be moved by being hooked to the back of a truck. It’s crucial to understand the technicalities of getting a permit to … Continued
SC Code Laws - Manufactured Housing

2022 Mobile Home Code Laws in South Carolina

Code laws on mobile and manufactured homes in South Carolina can be quite confusing. Simply put, it’s important to understand the codes put in place by the SC State House and how to abide by them properly. I’ll be going through the updates for 2022 on mobile home code laws in South Carolina in this … Continued