Remove Scrap Mobile Home

Who Can Remove A Scrap Mobile Home In South Carolina?

If there’s an old mobile home in South Carolina that you no longer need, you might be curious about the right people to contact to remove it. To remove mobile homes, especially those aged, compromised, or neglected, can be quite challenging.  Hiring a skilled service provider capable of managing the disposal procedure appropriately is essential.  … Continued

Why Are The Mortgage Rates Higher For Mobile Homes

Although it’s more affordable than traditional homes, it’s still not cheap. Like a traditional house, there are various ways to finance your mobile home. Suppose you’re considering buying a mobile home in South Carolina and researching financing options. In that case, you may have noticed that the mortgage rates for mobile homes tend to be … Continued

What Is The Process of De-Titling A Mobile Home in South Carolina

Mobile homes have seen a drastic upsurge in popularity in recent times. Especially in South Carolina. If you’ve been digging about mobile homes in South Carolina, you might’ve come across de-titling. De-titling is the process of removing the title of a mobile home from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and transferring it to the … Continued

Do You Pay Taxes On Your Mobile Home In South Carolina

Mobile homes are becoming increasingly popular as an alternative to traditional homes. Their affordable cost, easy assembly, and ability to move it anywhere without hassle make it a compelling choice for most home buyers. A lot of people in South Carolina prefer living in a mobile home. Mobile homes are usually placed on private land … Continued

Can I Put A Mobile Home On My Property In South Carolina?

Recently mobile homes have seen an upsurge in popularity, especially in South Carolina. Many people are gravitating toward mobile homes instead of traditional homes. Their affordable price, assembly, and maintenance ease make them a great alternative to traditional homes. But before you buy your mobile home, you need to know if you can put it … Continued

How To: Rent-to-Own a Mobile Home in South Carolina

Rent-to-own arrangements offer a flexible and accessible pathway to homeownership for those considering a mobile home in South Carolina. The rent-to-own option is an advantageous method for improving your credit score while simultaneously saving for a down payment.  This is particularly beneficial for individuals who can’t afford the typical down payment, which can range from … Continued

Mobile Home Removal in South Carolina

Mobile homes offer affordable housing options for many individuals in South Carolina. However, circumstances may arise where mobile home removal becomes necessary. This article aims to provide essential information for mobile homeowners or prospective buyers in South Carolina who may need to consider mobile home removal. Reasons for Mobile Home Removal  Mobile home removal may … Continued

Mobile Home Demolition in South Carolina

When a mobile home is no longer profitable to sell or too expensive to move, demolishing it becomes a viable option. As time passes, the value of the property decreases when the mobile home sits unused. Many times, mobile homes are demolished due to safety issues caused by age or weather damage. The costly repairs … Continued

Donate Your Mobile Home in South Carolina

Mobile homes have long been an affordable housing option for many individuals and families in South Carolina. However, circumstances may arise where homeowners find themselves no longer in need of their mobile homes. Rather than letting them go to waste, donating a mobile home can be a compassionate and impactful choice. In this article, we … Continued

Is a Mobile Home Considered Real Property in South Carolina?

In South Carolina, mobile homes, also referred to as manufactured homes, have gained popularity among homeowners. Nonetheless, there is uncertainty among many individuals regarding whether these homes are classified as real property in the state. The answer is not a simple one and is dependent on certain factors. This article aims to examine the legal … Continued

Do Mobile Homes Have a Good Resale Value in South Carolina?

Mobile homes, also known as manufactured homes, are a popular housing option in South Carolina due to their affordability and flexibility. However, one common question among homeowners is whether mobile homes have a good resale value in the state. First, it is crucial to understand the market for mobile homes in South Carolina. According to … Continued

South Carolina Mobile Home Taxes & Fees by County

Many individuals in South Carolina prefer to live in mobile homes. They offer affordable mobile housing that can be moved from one location to another and is frequently located in mobile home parks or private land. Mobile homes, like any other type of housing, are subject to their own set of taxes and fees. These … Continued

South Carolina Mobile Home Laws And Regulation

South Carolina has over 5 million people, with about 100,000 living in mobile homes. Their popularity can be explained as they are inexpensive, easy to transport and offer residents a sense of freedom.  Yet, several rules and regulations regulate mobile homes in South Carolina, and it is critical for anyone who owns or is considering … Continued